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Composition of Outdoor Painting 7th (seventh) by Edgar Payne (2005) Hardcover

I have spoken before about what I think makes for a good book on painting. I talk about my training in the studios of R. I guess it marks me as an east-coast painter that my Carlson is dog-eared but my Payne not so much.

I should also add that I consider Burne-Jones to have been one of the greatest designers ever and some years back I had the opportunity of going through several of his notebooks and sketch pads at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and amonst all his innumerable sketches and first ideas for many of his greatest pictures there was never the least hint of any geometrical pattern or overlay.

My Art And Me. This was the result: But it also strikes me that we all have very different life experiences and may perhaps find different things more psychologically compelling. This book is amazing. North Island Brown Kiwi 2 months ago. In terms of composition analysis, I think that same book is your best bet. They are sort of skeletal armatures that help you think about a paintings design, rather than a template you build a painting within.

It is one thing to understand color theory, and another thing to see it put in practice. I know what will please me personally.

It’s one thing to say Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Rubens were different from each other. You can send the paintings to me at stapletonkearns gmail.

If you paint outside, buy it. That sounds like a very useful exercise your teacher set. Very clear and concise and packed with valuable information about composition in landscape painting. I spent the time scanning the whole thing in and reformatting it. But when I see people spouting conjecture as fact, I worry about how many people will be mislead by it.

Stapleton Kearns: Edgar Payne, Compostiton of outdoor painting

This is the painting:. Creative Illustration by Loomis has a similar structure. In the Dow book, each series of exercises is intended to be expanded on by the student and repetition, refinement, adjustment and invention are key themes. I’m starting to work on a mini-video on Composition. A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Painting” Al Gury A pretty good how-to book that introduces most of the issues a novice painter will encounter when starting out, but I’m a bit at a loss as to why the author considers a two or ore sessions to qualify as alla prima.

Many buy the book just to have Payne’s thumbnails that explain various compositional ideas. Hi Chris, Thanks for the link to the paper of tests on focus in images. Highly recommend to aspiring artists. Given that they were influenced heavily by Bastien-Lepage, I wonder of he himself had seen and was influenced by Japanese art?

Nannette Farina rated it liked it Jun 25, They are patterns which can be disecerned in the work of people we admire and respond to and with practice yes we can understand the patterns and learn to incorporete them into our own work.

I learned some valuable ideas about the use of shapes and values in painting and will certain apply those to my art. Soon i will do some posts on design stems for landscape painting. Payne draws pages and pages of little thumbnails showing the major design stems that artists have repeatedly used in landscapes. I remember buying mine directly from DeRu’s Fine Arts, the publisher. I feel I have to since the word is used pejoratively by detractors, and sometimes indiscriminately by supporters.

Composition of Outdoor Painting 7th (seventh) by Edgar Payne () Hardcover by Edgar Payne

Perhaps, with enough practice, a practical balance between the two can be found. Another interesting read about the conflict between the French Salon and the French Impressionists.

Another must-read by any composotion painter!! Geometrical There are many links above that point to the geometrical approach to design.

Firstly, I should say that I think practise is the only way to learn and to understand composition. And his work is exceptional. Descriptions, exhortations, and ruminations come in threes: It’s another to actually understand how. Beasly rated it it was amazing Sep 23, Jan 08, Dconner rated it it was amazing.

Ives Gammell and about the many artists who have mentored me along the way.

Hodge rated it liked it Jul 16, Do Not Send Email Notifications. There are other old classic texts reappearing. Is that something you use much in your own work? I do admire Payne’s painting, but this is an example where old mores and beliefs just compowition work with the present.