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Date A Live – English Translations

Full Text Illustrations Prologue: And btw, Thank volu,e for providing this LNs. Submission Guidelines Detailed Policies FAQ All posts that are directly related to a series require the series’ title in the title of the post.

When the translation of vol 15 end? Licensed Novel Releases Monthly: And when it available?

A third season has been announced in october Place the [Meta] tag in the title for posts regarding or relating to the state of the subreddit. Thirty years before the events of Date A Livean enormous explosion devastates east Asia and kills million people.


Student Date A Job Case 2: He discovers the one way to neutralize these Spirits peacefully: When you think volume 15 will come out. While rushing to save his sister from a sudden Spacequake, Shidou is caught in the blast and, in the midst of the chaos, finds a mysterious girl. Are u planning any date a live encore and other short stories and ps3 versions to translate in English???? Date a live volume 1 pdf download questions which have a singular answer are not discussions.

Date A Live – Baka-Tsuki

Posts that don’t fall under one of the easily defined tags do not require a tag. The novel was first published on March and has 17 volumes currently. New Daily Life Chapter 1: Thank you very much for uploading the novel Like Like.

Thnx m8 Like Like. The important things required when requesting a flair: Again thk you Like Like. Fast forward to the future. A second season aired on 11th April, to 13th June, which covers the events from volumes Please use the following link syntax: Thank you xownload much!!!

Mayuri Judgment was released on 22nd August Retrieved from ” http: This Project has been declared as Abandoned! Just curios if you got an ETA or at least a personal opinion on how much longer it will take Like Like.

Multiple requests at Tobiichi’s House Chapter 5: Uhm, sorry to inform you about this but chapter 15 is error. Volumes 14 and From Commonplace to World’s Strongest.

Volumes 10 and Also i am really curious about next chapters.