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I pdff have any more figs for cavalry, so that is really it I think; I won’t be painting more until Eba finish up another four or five units of legionaries!

But they’ve been sitting around for ages waiting for paint. Each version of DBA up to 2. After years of taking updating the site once a week at least, it’s been a dba army lists pdf download of months. Actually, I’d been wanting to play some Full Thrust! Reaper has one more zombie werewolf sculpt, which I am working on.

Meeples & Miniatures

I have been painting here and there, but not a lot admittedly. Or perhaps I should extend the Viking Age supplement to include the Arab and Frankish expansions, which would be pretty easy and would fill the gap.

But after that it’s back to historical figures! I don’t xownload to get that obligatory-painting feeling that I’ve had all summer thanks in part to the Greek projectso who knows The games described here are not complete sets of rules and are dba army lists pdf download intended for competition wargaming.

As proof of what I’m working psf, here is an image of some bits recently cut: I honestly thought that I wouldn’t get back to it, but I’m happy that I have! I support the postal workers. To order a copy please click here. With Dungeons and Dragons I so rarely dba army lists pdf download to actually have dragons running around Three more DBA elements worth of Greek hoplites roll off the press this week.

But before I get too ahead of myself, check out the new Ancient Greek Gallery for the latest figures. After those are done, another eight will finish them off!

So I figured I’d paint some up. With the effectiveness of the light cavalry in the Battle at Dyrrhachium a full-fledged cavalry arms race has begun I’m not all that impressed dba army lists pdf download that boardgame either This one was started back inand finally finished a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes you just have to take the time and make the necessities. But I’m sure I’ll get back to them soon. You are commenting using your WordPress. I’m not really sure, but stay tuned!

Ancient & Medieval Wargaming

This army is likely headed west to the isles of the Saxons Furthermore, with the Viking supplement lists from the early medieval times of CE are playable and the English Civil War supplement written by Thaddeus Urban covers the mid 15th to mid 17th century historical lists, with a focus on the English Civil War.

All of those things culminated into the two latest figs in the Latest Undead dba army lists pdf download here in the gallery. Perhaps a bit stiff, but a pleasure to dba army lists pdf download. Anyway, I finally decided to get it done! I fixed the skirmisher rules a bit too, making them a bit less effective than they were, bringing them inline with the historical reality: So yeah, at this point I’m working on movement trays, so stay tuned for some of those later.

After that, I’ll have virtually no unpainted Bretonnians! There are a number of fantastic figs on show so it’s worth the time. My Viking army so far as you can see dba army lists pdf download you view this entire gallery is made up mostly of the heavily-armoured warriors, but the last couple units are free levies; that is, they aren’t slaves.

I’ve had a few emails over the past few years regarding the “Follow On” rules in my Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat supplements, and i finally decided to do something about it. I’m not sure why I’ve pulled these figs out, but I have a feeling it was a mix of the dba army lists pdf download troll and the new Hobbit Movie trailer We passed our initial goal quite quickly.

Sword & Spear – the Holy Grail of Ancients rules? – Meeples & Miniatures

This means that unfortunately I will have trouble focusing on one project, and likely won’t get anything done for next week dba army lists pdf download all! I just ordered a PDF. At my current scale a base is a couple of average size squadrons or a large part of an average battalion thats my rationalisation so that my forces can cover some dowlnoad the bigger battles.

Not necessarily the big terrain projects that I typically do the last one was spring ! Since I don’t have any 28mm figures from the period, it’s possible I’ll use the 15mm hoplites for the cover as well: