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Why my sketch brings out some yellow lines when i trim in step 5 and 7?

I used random dimensions. I am looking forward for more of this.

Tutorial how to make engine part 1

Tutorial how to make engine part 1 I will generate tutorials that explains how to make car engine step enginne step I used random dimensions. Plz any help it would be great.

Thanks its a great Job. Upvote Upvoted Start to modelling your V12!

I get this yellow lines in tangents. I am from greece so i am sry about my bad english. Hello, very happy I have found this tutorial, thanks. That would be really helpful if you continue the tutorial on how to make engine.

I look forward to the day when I can share one with fellow students of solidworks. First of all big thanks for this extraordinary tutorial, it helps me my graduated project. Don’t bother building this engine if you ever want to fully complete it!

Well done and God bless you. This psf is godlike. Any help would be great Log in or sign up to answer.

New tutorials will be published next month! I am encouraging you to prepare other tutorials for Sheet Metal an for Welding for example. Great Job, Looks like a lot of fun. A lot of thanks to you.

Hello aykut, are there any drawing files of the dimensions? I do it over and over and the yellow lines is still there. Don’ worry I better understand than I write: I do exactly what you show but i still get this lines. Very nice and helpful work.

Tutorial how to make engine part 1 – GrabCAD

Nicely done bro, just wanted to know downkoad u upload all Images of tutorials at once as an pdf or book i will be better in a way to download and perform applications with a printed hand book. I’m using this to get some knowledge about combustion motors as I’ll be introduced to them in a couple months in thermodynamics II. Thank you for your tutorial ;! Its so awesome and extremely helpful for engineering study Thanx for ur Contributions.

I made an Alibre Design version of this connecting rod. Ask and ;df engineering questions Join the Community. Downvote 1 Downvoted 2. The tutorial is pretty helpful.