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I learned a lot from you even tho I am left handed.

Please feel free to download this eBook and use is pcf you need it. I am so greatful for the visuals! Since then I have made too many scarves to count for my family and charity.

The new fibers we have today at our disposal make he art of crochet even more desirable. Be one of the very first crocheters to how to crochet for dummies pdf download my new eBook.

How to Crochet

PDF – Pages. Duummies wanted to be able to make the beautiful things they made so I got a skein of yarn and a hook and taught myself Over the years I have been able to advance my skills making different things.

Thank you for making the joy of crocheting available to so many! I do have ccrochet Left Handed Video Channel teaching crochet for those who need it.

You always explain a technique so that a person can easily grasp it. Crocheting For Dummies Edition: Nice to how to crochet for dummies pdf download those videos in one concise resource!

The links to the tutorials dont work on my android tablet! This fabulous book with videos too! Thank you so much Mikey, what a wonderful gift. Mikey do you have the link to the area dedicated for us lefties?

While there have been many inquiring about this version, I am naturally right handed.

Or is it easy to find? Keep up the vids! Love this all inclusive eBook Mikey! This site comply with DMCA digital copyright.

Free Learn to Crochet Ebook by Mikey – The Crochet Crowd®

Thank you for making this, has made me want to try stitches had tried before and not ben able to do…. My mom was great with teaching me double crochet but that was the limit of her skills. Thank you so much for not only working so hard on this e-book but for giving it out free. Do the links only work with apple products? X Thank you Mikey. I believe society, over time, has become more visual in mostly everything we how to crochet for dummies pdf download.

It looks great, thanks uow much for all the hard work.


Perfect timing for me x Congratulations on your new book, this will many newbies to crochet as well as give us old timers a fresh review course. Yes, we have a Youtube Channel dedicated to lefties. There are no words that can express just how much your work means to so many of us crocheters. TY for all your hard hard work and your crochet tutorials, I have learned so much from you, and Dummiies appreciate it because learning with you is FUN!!!

Congratulations on your new book, this will many newbies to how to crochet for dummies pdf download as well as give pf old timers a fresh review course. I have a left handed dedicated YouTube Channel. Perfect timing for me! Julia Roberts and countless other celebrities are doing it—and you can, too! You are so rightjust reading and trying to follow directions I never really got anywhere until i started watching your how to crochet for dummies pdf download and other youtube tutorialsnow life is good!

Crocheting For Dummies 3rd Edition Pdf Free Download | e-Books

Happy hooking to you! This book remains free to all who need it. I also wanted to ask you if you like the hooks with the lights? Thanks for all you do. If you’ve caught the bug and want to take your skills from beginner to beguiling, look no further than the friendly guidance in this bestselling guide. Congratulations on your new book.

Instead of just talking about it, I have created an eBook that shows you and walks you through the techniques step by step. Companion project videos will help readers master the concepts and techniques coveredin the book. Karen Manthey; Susan Brittain.