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Hi Jonas, I looked at your site. It is good to know how many people want your work even if it is in PDF mode.

Note that this code requires the jQuery JavaScript library to be on your pages. You can modify the script to change it from: That did the trick, Joe! In that case, you can plan ahead to have meaningful pvf in your event calls.

How to Track Downloads in Google Analytics

trackjng View all case studies. I looked at your page and the event is firing. Additional kinds of tracking The following kinds of tracking are commonly used on websites: To do this, specify the nonInteraction field as true in the fieldsObject of the send google analytics event tracking pdf download. Now you can get all kinds of documentation on the subject, plus most companies are using GTM, DTM, Tealium or some other tag management system so this code no longer applies as much.

Outbound link and form tracking can be accomplished by sending events rownload specifying the destination URL in one of the event fields.

Google Analytics Solutions – Marketing Analytics & Measurement

I know it has been updated to work with 1. You need to update one or the other. Hi again — why is there a syntax error for this code? You can certainly extend this script to work in your unique environment though.

It is quite easy google analytics event tracking pdf download debug the issue and track with your information. Events are user interactions with content that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load.

The Value box for your event can be populated if you want to attribute a nominal value to types of enquiries on your site. Thanks again for the great tutorial!

Google Optimize Test and deliver more personal experiences on your site. Thats correct, you wont see it in the HTML. The following event handler function can be used to send outbound link click events to Google Analytics:. Please see our other blog post on how to add event-based goals: Hi, I tagged a pdf and mp3 link on my site but nothing is showing up in Google Analytics.

I will have a try with Google Tag Manager. A string that is uniquely paired with each category, and commonly used to define the type of user interaction for the web object. Thanks for google analytics event tracking pdf download explanation for me.

Event Tracking – Web Tracking (01) | Analytics for Web (01) | Google Developers

How can i see the downloads? For the benefit of others who might be in the same situation as me, these are the lines I changed: I want to track the zip file download amount on my website actually products zip files. One solution fownload this problem is to set the transport field to beacon:.

Thank you for the speedy response! Click Text old User defined variable method is: Your insight would be really helpful. Setting the delay made all the difference in my events showing up in GA. Would that make the difference? This is hands down the most helpful post I have anxlytics on this topic.

You might want to revise the code.

Weitere Tracking-Arten

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3. I can confirm no more errors in the FF console. Let me know if that helps!

A network of partners provides the right solution for your business. Is that a known issue? When used this way, all user activity on such elements is calculated and displayed as Events in the Analytics reporting interface.