I want to install a gb Harddrive purely for more space. The experiment with the solder gave a 30 seconds time necessary to melt it became a sphere. Very good step by step guide! Reseating RAM helped, but the next day the problem returned. Just completed the same repair myself. Heat the GPU with a cigarette lighter move it around all the time circular movement until the led melts in the pockets… Let all cool down 30min.

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How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Now, vaio pcg-k23 I power it on, it turns on, the fan starts, the fan increases in intensity, and the system shuts off. The LAPTOP kept shuting down after a minute or then even quicker, I gathered this was due to a fault Heatsink and fan, I replaced the Heastsink and fan module and i now have an issue with the laptop not vaio pcg-k23 on at all.

Now windows tells me that the hardware switch is in the off position. Install a HD, and atempt to recover, the system powers down. Will it run vaio pcg-k23 in VGA mode?

Jin March 8, Pgc-k23 will clean it temporarily and should be enough for installing the OS. Is key removal and contact cleaning advisable? Sumedh May 4, If the laptop works fine with Knoppix, apparently this problem is not related to the inverter board or backlight lamp. I cant for the life of me find??? Vaio pcg-k23 used some liquid stuff for improving soldering results, put as much as Vaio pcg-k23 could under the vaio pcg-k23 chip.

Anyways I put it back together and it wouldnt start.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip | Laptop Repair

When Windows starts, I can see the screen only if I shine a light at it, artificially backlighting it. But I now have no led light on the battery power monitor in the upper right vaio pcg-k23 pcg-2k3 of the laptop, also the machine keeps shutting down. Does vaio pcg-k23 feel loose?

The information you provided was far more than I needed and consequently vaio pcg-k23 took some time to pinpoint what I was looking for. When reassembling used new layer of thermal paste on all chip heat sink vaio pcg-k23.

Could that be vaio pcg-k23 problem. I think it might work. I went into the BIOS, and tried changing the setting for the keys, but no luck.

Keyboards are not serviceable. Do you know if 2 not working USB ports located on a separate board? Maybe the CPU slows vaio pcg-k23 because of heat. BIOS display is fine. Stripped it and found the slot, installed the card and antenna.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

Miksata June 6, Andy May 25, It appears to be working fine now. I will recover vaio pcg-k23 parts that may be usefull cpu, memory, disk and leave vaio pcg-k23 rest in the dumpster. Vaio pcg-k23 downloading and installing the latest router firmware, it might help. Just fixed my wife HP dvus using the heat gun trick. Apply thermal paste to each side of the shim too.

I then uninstalled the driver, and hardware, rebooted, reinstalled, and all is still the same.

STEP 3 Unlock the connector by lifting up the top side of the connector millimeters.