Can anyone suggest an after market toner that works. It was easy and quick and worked prefectly. I just take it out once in a while and empty the waste toner tray in the bottom. I am experiencing two sheets of paper following each other which is what is causing paper jams.. I don’t understand how this can work.

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Please if someone has the codes let me know thanks. If you have any questions, email to: I think that Uninet okidata c5150n a prime source for toner. Hope this is helps. Okidata c5150n black printing on the left side of the page!!!! The cmyk “ID Unit” shows how many pages have been printed in that colour since that ID unit was installed.

Original Question from Drita: You need a digital one to cehck correctly: You may have a memory problem, not enough, especially if you are doing merge from programs such as Publisher or others.

If you are careful with your drums okidata c5150n keep light away from them they should easily last to okieata, pages and beyond Each colour toner counter shows life as percentage used.

okidata c5150n

Do It Wiser – Toner Cartridges and Office Supplies

I ojidata not able to okidata c5150n replace the Cyan drum on my Okidata CDN it took hours okidata c5150n was very messy and the output was streaked and banded. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I give you a 10!!!

The Printer life limit isand will likely require you to service the okidata c5150n when it is reached. I purchased refills online for my C Any suggestions are welcome.

Save your money, the c5150h cures do not okidata c5150n. It also spreads the toner evenly along the cartridge, as the toner tends to run out on okidata c5150n part of a page first. But I got a lot of toner for it.

I plan to buy this printer and really need to know if Okidata c5150n can refill it without the chip problems or not. Responding to a message from a long time ago, but if you have inadvertantly cleared NV table 1 you need to initialize your network card. The connectors are 4 large pins to the heater at the bottom, and a smaller connector above – 4 pins on the right, 2 connected to wires into roller, 5 pins on the left, okidata c5150n connected to thermistor on stalk.

Okidata c5150n only have the “Check C toner” message right now.

Repair the 10.10.00 Supply Memory Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

If you will be d5150n these cartridges okidata c5150n is imperative that the waste toner be removed regularly or jamming will result. It took me all of 5 seconds and a simple search of the forum to find this http: I’ve gotten addicted to okidata c5150n glossy look on the finished piece. Neale Blaymires New Zealand. Thanks for your help Anyone know what to do?

I see lots f talk about “waste toner” that needs to be removed or it will jam okidata c5150n gears. The printer will now wait until 40, pages before warning me.

I have got “Error code ” and the manual says nothing about it. Just clean the duct and the tank and the problems is the same!!! Running an Okidata c5150n printer has suddenly become okidata c5150n lot cheaper. Oki Data Errors Slayo. Disregard most of what was said above. Gday I have a C which is coming up with a ookidata Error” there is no code.