As a note, you need to push the wires down where they curve as mine got in the way when putting the DVD drive back in the slot. I took out the board and connected on external monitor with good memory module , replaced cpu, power adapter is good no other component is connected. The adapter died while you were using the laptop and the laptop works until the battery had charge. I tried turning it back on but nothing happened. Test your laptop with another working memory. I got the same results.

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Anyways, i googled and found your website and followed the instruction one by one and made it happen. You can contact me through skype id: Thanks again for the great tutorial. That is a steal!!!!! This fix worked very well for me.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

I thought I would like to share with everyone. Ok, I figured it out. Hi I Have Hp Dv6. Do you think it could be the power cord? Hi, my laptop has been out of warranty for a year and I have the same problem. I removed the battery while the laptop was on and plugged in! So I left it in the top of my closet in a safe location toshiba satellite l30 system unit I could afford a new charger.

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I tried turns on again. I am so grateful for this fix. Also, the guide describes how to remove connectors properly so that toshiba satellite l30 system unit gets broken.

Yes, without the battery and unplugged. Have you tried replacing the memory module with a known good module? Satellite m35x, just fixed the dc input worked well, however now I can not get it to boot. I put the laptop back together again and was pleased to see the power light come on when i pluged the power cable in.

First of all, check all brightness related settings. Does it output correct voltage.

I used an external monitor, change the memory for good one, disconnect each of the components DVD, modem card, wi fi card, keyboard and cables mousepad, multimedia buttons, etc.

If the laptop still turns on and goes off, most likely this is motherboard related failure. It wont hold a charge and l330 not power toshiba satellite l30 system unit due to no battery left. So, go to Toshiba website and toshiba satellite l30 system unit on Downloads. Looks like i satfllite going to have to replace motherboard after all. My Toshiba Satellite L Labptop when fully Charged if still pluged in, keyboard keys are working abnormally if i press a char it is displaying ascii code.

For those who have trouble finding a part such as the replacement power jack — look in your yellow pages under electronics. And the toshiba satellite l30 system unit light blinks in the front 3 long one short, if that means anything This turning on then immediately off is the same no matter if I have the laptop plugged in with battery or without. I just used these instructions to fix my LD.

The problem being that the toshiba satellite l30 system unit is at the back of the case and directly below the hinge for the screen?

On step 9 on how to remove top cover assembly, the wire with the black plastic hook to them. The fan will spin the power light and wireless light come on but the hard drive light will flash x2 in a repeating fashion. Downloaded a power saving program called NHC. Could be memory failure. Taking the computer apart was the hardest part!

Will it turn on when you push on the power button?