Firefox Scarica l’ultima versione. So, will replace whole display. Is this still the inverter or is it something else? Now 9 months later the backlight flickers or goes out altogether if the screen is wide opened, the flicker will stop and the screen stays on. What could it be? This would cause the connection to break frequently and the laptop to switch to battery power. May I ask a further question on that topic?

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I have a hp pavilion dv Open it up and let to dry out.

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The new board did not sony vaio vgn-fe41m anything different than the first, is there a part that has the same symptom as the inverter board. I can do that repeatedly. Could you tell me where it should be at them? It may take several attemps though…. Now I did this removal process but was not so fortunate in taking the minute screws sony vaio vgn-fe41m that hold the frame work of the LCD screen.

So I thought I damaged the bulb when I tried to repair it.

Comment activer la webcam sony vaio VGN-FE41M [Résolu]

Unfortunately not everybody has a sony vaio vgn-fe41m LCD at home. I think your diagnosis is was correct and I would replace the inverter board in this case too. Image on screen is fine but will flicker if I turn the laptop or move it or it goes totally black and if I move it again it may show an image again but everything frozen, this also may happen if I move the screen as if to close it.

Then I ordered a replacement inverter and installed that and like magic, I have a sony vaio vgn-fe41m new, beautiful sony vaio vgn-fe41m screen. I want to replace it and have already taken it apart, but I dont know what to use to find the replacement son because it doesnt have a tag on it like the one in your guide.

Dell Inspiron Laptop. Sony vaio vgn-fe41m of the sony vaio vgn-fe41m is black and part shows the screen. When i connect with different monitor, it works perfect. But before I go xony buy an inverter, I was hoping you could sony vaio vgn-fe41m me some specific insight. Sony vaio vgn-fe41m I can move it all over the place and it will work but sometimes it will go off. I was just wondering if anyone has had similar problems or any suggestions on how to fix it.

We started having powerjack problems and the battery would only work for minutes at a time. Intrattenimento per auto e uso nautico. This solution works fine for me and now I had my x20 shining like new again. I think the problem might be related to the LCD vaii. Possibly a back light problem. In this case you cannot press on it.

I have an IBM Skny which now starts to show symptoms of complete screen blanking. Do I need a new screen or is this something else. If it fails too, you have a problem with the motherboard. I tap the cover switch, or ggn-fe41m FN-F5 a few times, the screen comes on, then goes blank again. The backlight lamp is bad.

I am vgn-ce41m the instructions sony vaio vgn-fe41m to try to replace my inverter. I am going to replace the inverter for a second time, i will repost and let you guys know how it goes.

Did you buy a used inverter?

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I sony vaio vgn-fe41m the new bulb to the leads and tested it with the new inverter. I found the Inverter but not the backlight. Any ideas are appreciated. Okay, my husband has now purchased and replaced two backlight inverters for our HP Pavillion dv I read up online and all symptoms pointed to an inverter problem — so I replaced the inverter.

I adjusted the angle of the screen-open vgn-fe1m close-and noticed some flickering, but the screen did not come back, nor was I able to see a faint image of the desktop. It happened all of the sudden.

Fixing backlight problem by replacing inverter | Laptop Repair

Now 9 months later the backlight flickers or goes out altogether if the screen vgnn-fe41m wide opened, the flicker will stop and the screen stays on. I have HP omnibook xt laptop, yday suddenly my screen gone,so I restarted manually. I sony vaio vgn-fe41m try replacing the inverter again, just in case.

Is there anywere else I can go to find this part? Thanks for the very useful article. But you said the new inverter worked for several hours. If this situation is added with flickers which may come and go with the screen opened to an angle, it sony vaio vgn-fe41m be loose a connector at the inverter, most likely the one from the video vgn-fee41m opening and vyn-fe41m the screen could have loosen it.

Hi, I am trying to diagnose an inverter problem on a It is now secured by packing tape. Now, the screen back to the normal while the backlight seems blinking sony vaio vgn-fe41m, until a moment, it stopped.

Even though the external monitor works fine, the problem still could be related to the motherboard. You cannot tell until one of them replaced. Based on the symptoms, I deduced sony vaio vgn-fe41m it was the backlight.

I have a Dell Latitude C display screen on my C THanks…I had a ze which had a lcd flicker problem….