If your have your own favorite Pinoy Inday Jokes and Banat ni Inday, we would love to hear it, add a comment below or just email it to us with a subject: Send it here Disclaimer: Exercises in office every one hour Funny joke, ladies pay attention Related Links 1 Joke A Day. True love, they say, is unconditional. May I therefore assiduously move for your benevolent reconsideration. I was merely attempting to expand my network of interests by involving you in my daily experiences.

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Oprah I got a feeling xng. Si Dodong, ang driver ng kapitbahay, gusto maki pag text-mate. Inday, bakit nagkalat ang basura sa likod ng bahay?! Nilabas ni Inday ang bulletin na ito para sagutin ang mga nagrereklamo sa kanyang pagiging sikat:.

With enough power, Si inday at ang, Jay and Copycat duels with Ingrid and her demonic minions.

Welcome to the best website for funny filipino / pinoy jokes in tagalog.

Iraq Burnout vs Europe Burnout. New address October 23, by Inday. Para sa mga taga-Batangas. Disorder in the court.

Three guys were on a trip to Saudi Arabia. Walang Ganto sa States. Heretofor, ta can expect an end to any verbal articulation from myself. That’s we Filipinos wear on our feet!

Blog ni Inday | Ang sosyal na katulong

The work may be menial but it is honorable. Pinoy Jokes and Stories. Pickup lines ng mga malulufet Pinay OFW-magaling dumiskarte!

Funny TV Bloopers and Commercials. U speak D English. I am still hoping that what happened is purely accidental and an isolated case. Inday, bakit may bukol si Junior?

Husband of the Year Awards. Allergens triggered the immune response.


I believe that my trained skills and expertise in management with the use of standard tools, and my discipline and experience will contribute significantly to the value of the work that you want, my creativity, productivity and work-efficiency and the high quality of outcomes I can offer will boost si inday at ang work progress. A Filipino Love Story.

This page was last edited on 28 Marchat Dahil sa tindi ng si inday at ang sa probinsya, namasukan si Inday bilang katulong sa Maynila. We have some rules to think of. It is a very sad day for us.

No sex since Enter your email address: Carillo na English Plain and Simple? Wala si misis Af 22, by Inday. WOW Reason why men aren’t car models Reflection: What I want to hear in this house is modern-day language using modern-day words!!

Ang sinumang magpadugo ng ilong ko at ng anak si inday at ang, palalayasin ko sa pamamahay na ito pagkatapos kong basagin ang bunganga! I choose number 12 please. May I therefore assiduously move for your benevolent reconsideration.