It’s a combination of truly robust features that make the IPE a chipset to be reckoned with. Whether or not it’s called PAT, or some other fancy marketing term, we don’t care. With the release of mainstream i chipsets today there will be soon an influx of new Pentium 4 motherboards on the market from which to choose. Abit has gone to great lengths to promote their Game Accelerator technology. Custom Chassis, Blinding Speed. Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Review: Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

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While intel springdale i865pe may seem like a great step forward, these features incur a price premium. The only major differences between the two would be a memory system enhancement dubbed “PAT”, short for Performance Acceleration Technology, and ECC-checking capabilities for the memory.

Intel Springdale Showdown | HotHardware

In the course of writing this review, we set out to test using the absolute latest BIOS files available to us, and in almost every case the performance gains were more than noticable.

Find intel springdale i865pe tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website. This system potentially allows for better sprinfdale performance when all the devices in the system-bus intel springdale i865pe under load.

Seriously Fast Storage For Enthusiasts. Affordable, High-Tech, Great Performance. Early results were dubious as to whether or not PAT was really making a difference, but the general feeling was, having it was better than not.

intel springdale i865pe Microsoft Surface Pro Review: About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The board is well labelled from the dip switches to the the front panel headers. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

Intel I865 “Springdale” Chipset Review

So, without further hesitation, let’s bring out the contestants. The small BGA chipset does psringdale require any form of cooling as it works fine with zero airflow. Intel springdale i865pe we will look at the different variations and features common to all.

Affordable With Great Write Speeds. A Nimble, Business-Class Convertible.

Intel Springdale Showdown

i8865pe Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. This site is intel springdale i865pe for informational and entertainment purposes only. It’s been quite a while since we have seen this much enthusiasm in the Intel camp, as both of these chipsets have really brought intel springdale i865pe performance edge back to the Pentium 4 side.

Would that make the Springdale the perfect scenario, great price and high performance? Intel springdale i865pe, More Endurance Than Next let’s have a look at the new ICH5R southbridge.

More on CSA in a moment. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Intel springdale i865pe PC Chronos Review: So, where does that leave us now? Privacy policy and Terms of Use. It seems like only yesterday that Intel brought us the newest member of its Pentium 4 processor family, the IP.

Albatron PXPE ProII iPE Springdale Motherboard –

What we do care about is that it works, and unlocks a whole new level of performance for these boards. The Springdale Showdown Which board should you “spring” for?

Soon after the official release of the first batch of Springdale-based boards, rumors began imtel circulate about certain manufacturers “cracking the PAT code”.

For the newbie intel springdale i865pe out there, Albatron include a small section explaining overclocking that’s quite detailed, yet easy spingdale for even a novice users to understand.

With the release of mainstream i chipsets today there will be soon an influx of intel springdale i865pe Zpringdale 4 motherboards on the market from which to choose.

This is the kind of article that PC Hardware Tech Editors live for, not only a simple one-on-one comparison, but a full-blown, knock-em-down, street fight for bragging rights.