System-wide configuration Read the manual This manual will tell you all the options that are available for the synaptics driver: Option “PressureMotionMaxZ” ” integer “. If you leave it in, you should make sure all new users have sensible options set by copying a working. Currently a press is equivalent to putting the touchpad in trackstick emulation mode. The gesture is enabled by default and can be disabled by setting the TapAndDragGesture option to false. Acceleration, edges and resolution are based on the dimensions reported by the kernel. Minimum finger pressure at which touch is considered a palm.

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They’re in X11’s subsystem. Linux synaptics synaptics driver is provided by xserver-xorg-input-synaptics. Ignore movements, scrolling and tapping which take place left of this edge. Trackstick mode is exited when the finger pressure drops below FingerLow or when the finger is moved linux synaptics than Sybaptics away from the initial position.

Toward a Linux touchpad as smooth as Macbook Pro – Relentless Simplicity

Option “EdgeMotionMinZ” ” integer “. The first results there is the actual driver you’re asking about. Preferring to avoid starting with abandonware, I narrowed my search linux synaptics to libinput and mtrack.

BB code is On. Maximum time in milliseconds for middle button emulation. The parameters split the touchpad area in linux synaptics pieces, like this:.

Vertical scrolling button four and five events through moving the finger on the right side linux synaptics the touchpad. Minimum finger pressure at which synaphics is considered a palm.

Is what associates the physical devices with this driver.

Option “ClickFinger2″ ” integer “. If the linux synaptics is detected correctly, the synaptics driver shold be autoloaded.

New maintainer for the tpconfig driver is Bruce Kall.

Not linux synaptics options are appropriate; linux synaptics example, Elantech touchpads don’t support pressure, and many other touchpads don’t support multitouch. Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Linux??? Some benefits would be:.

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Of course, this being Linux, there is no single answer as to most easily restart X server. A “touch” event happens when the Z value goes above FingerHigh, and an “untouch” event happens when the Z linux synaptics goes below FingerLow.

The MaxDoubleTapTime parameter has the same function as the MaxTapTime parameter, but for the second, third, etc tap in linux synaptics tap sequence.

If either of Protocol ” auto-dev ” default or Protocol ” event ” is used, the driver initializes defaults based on the capabilities reported by the kernel driver. I read on the Synaptics page that there is limited functionality without updating to a third party driver Last edited by LeechFace; at So you can use xmodmap linux synaptics remap these buttons: When hitting an egde, movement can be automatically continued.

When using other protocols, this option has no effect. Once scrolling is engaged, moving your finger in clockwise circles around the center of the touchpad will generate scroll down events and counter clockwise motion will generate scroll up events. The synclient tool shipped with synaptics linux synaptics 1.

Install the kde-config-touchpad package. You can use the Linux synaptics as a standard pointing device with these This read-only property expresses the physical capability of the touchpad, most notably whether the touchpad hardware supports multi-finger tapping and scrolling. Finger pressure at which maximum edge motion speed is set.